About company

Company Mercator KOVO was founded on the base of its predecessor “Spiš industrial company Levoča – Plant 02 Spišské Vlachy” and thuch inherited machines park and technology originally intended for serial and mass production, bending and tinsmith works.

At pre-revolutionary period there were produced hundreds of thousands pressed parts for furniture industry, tens of thousands coal scuttles, industrial furniture, metal washbasins, rain leaky pipes, rinas, etc.

Nowadays most of production is custom products from metal sheets like switchboards cabinets for underfloor heating, post boxes, medicine chest boxes, metall cases, metal frames for electric switchoards, pressed parts for renowned manufacturers of industrial furniture, brown and white goods.

Reduction of mass production and increasing number of new small seria products was the reason to buy fiber laser cutting machine, whitch is in contrast to local competitors abble to cut also materials like copper, bronze or brass and whitch spare capacities are offered for cooperation production of precise parts by drawings and requisitions of customers.